Treasury of Poetry - Hilda Boswell

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Treasury of Poetry - Hilda Boswell

Bericht door tiggs » di nov 20, 2007 8:13 pm

I bought this book as I first had it as a child, and loved it so much due to the illustrations and poems that are within it. It is published by Collins and is selected and illustrated by Hilda Boswell. It is first published in 1968.

As a child I used to just adore looking at the beautiful illustrations and reading the poems that captured so much of my childhood imagination. I loved the pictures of the fairies and beautiful scenery as well as other fantasies that were brought out by its contents.

This book is now regarded as a classic in England and other countries. It is valuable on the market, but affordable due to availability now on Ebay, which is where I purchased it from. Even then, my purchase on Ebay was from a bookstore in Australia. The book is in excellent condition and I keep it packaged to protect it even further. It is not only monetarily valuable to me, but sentimentally also.

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